Building Bridges in Writing Teacher Education

Building Bridges in Writing Teacher Education

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Introduction: Building Bridges in Writing Teacher. Education. Jonathan Bush. Western Michigan University, [email protected] Erinn Bentley.

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T eachin g/W ritin g: Th e Jour nal of W ritin g T each er E duc atio n V olume 3 I s sue 2 F all 2014 A rticle 1 2014 I n tr oduc tion: B uildin g Brid ges in W rit in g T eache r E duc ation J on ath an B ush W ester n M ichig a n U niv er sit y , j on ath an [email protected] miche du E rinn B en tle y Co lu m bus S ta te U niv er sit y , be ntley_e [email protected] olumbus sta te e du F ollo w thi s and a ddition al w orks at: h tt p://s chola rw ork sw mich e du/w te P art of the C ur ric ulum a nd Instr uct ion C ommon s , R he tor ic a nd C omposit ion Common s , a nd the S econd ary E duca tion a nd Teachin g Common s Thi s Article i s brought to y ou for f re e a nd ope n acce ss b y the E ngl ish a t S cho la rW ork s at W MU I t h as be en a cce pt ed for inclusion in T eachin g/ W rit in g: The J ournal of W rit in g T eache r Educa tion b y an a uthor iz e d e dit or of S chola rW ork s at W MU F or mor e information, p leas e c onta ct m air abund [email protected] miche du R ecomme nded Citation B ush, J onath an a nd Be ntley , Erinn (2014) " In tr oduct ion: Building B rid ges in W rit in g T eache r Educa tion, " T ea ch in g/W rit in g : Th e J o u rn al of W rit in g T ea ch er Ed uca tio n : V ol 3 : I ss 2 , A rticle 1 A vai la b le a t: h tt p://s chola rw ork sw mich e du/w te/v ol3/i ss2/1 Teaching/Writing: The Journal of Writing Teacher Ed ucation Fall/Winter 2014 [3:2] http://scholarworkswmichedu/wte/ T / W 1In this issue of Teaching/Writing, readers will see a seachange in how we are doing business When we began this journal w e made a conscious choice to try to bridge gaps between English educat ion and composition studies In doing so, we had an unanticipated decis ion – what format would we use? After a lot of discussion, and not much con sensus, we decided on MLA It seemed like a logical decision More of tho se who submitted for our inaugural issue were more comfortable in that forma t As we continued, though, we became more uncomfortable with this choi ce Were we marginalizing those who work more comfortably in AP A? Were we implicitly positioning ourselves as compositionists who dabble d in education, rather than as what we saw ourselves – as being in both equ ally? In any case,

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