Borg Decloaker, RTU - Biocare Medical - Immunohistochemistry

Borg Decloaker, RTU - Biocare Medical - Immunohistochemistry

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Borg Decloaker, RTU Pretreatment Reagent ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFIED Control Number: 901-BD1000-030711 Intended Use: For In Vitro Diagnostic Use Summary & Explanation:

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Borg Decloaker, RTU Pretreatment Reagent 901 -BD1000 -072417 Rev: 062117 Intended Use: Borg Decloaker, RTU is a buffered solution that is intended for laboratory use in heat -induced antigen retrieval of formalin -fixed paraffin -embedded (FFPE) tissues for immunohistochemistry (IHC) procedures. The clinical interpretation of any staining of its absence should be complimented b y morphological studies using proper controls and should be evaluated within the context of the patient's clinical history and other diagnostic tests by a qualified pathologist. Summary & Explanation: Borg Decloaker is a heat retrieval solution. For many a ntibodies, titers will increase compared to other heat retrieval buffers. Borg Decloaker incorporates Assure™ technology, a color -coded high temperature pH indicator solution. The end -user is assured by visual inspection that the solution is at the correct dilution and pH. This product is specially formulated for superior pH stability at high temperatures and will help prevent the possibility of losing pH sensitive antigens. Borg Decloaker is nontoxic, non -flammable, odorless and sodium azide and thimerosal free. When used in conjunction with Aqua DePar (ADP1002) or Hot Rinse (HTR1001) and Biocare's digital

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