BLWt1424-100 William Robinson

BLWt1424-100 William Robinson

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Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements Pension Application of William Robinson BLWt1424-100 Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris

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Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension StatementsPension Application of William Robinson BLWt1424-100Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon HarrisState of Virginia}County of Bedford}I Elizabeth Robinson Daughter & one of the Heirs at law of William Robinson do upon oathtestify & declare to the best of my knowledge & belief that William Robinson did Enlist in 1776for the term of During the war & served in Regiment No Two of the Maryland line on continentalEstablishment under the command of Colonel [William] Smallwood & that He continued in theservis aforesaid until the End of The war in 1783 I further declare that I have never received awarrant for the bounty land promised the said William Robinson on the part of the united statesnor do I believe he ever received it or transferred his claim to it in any maner whatsoever —therefore know all men by these presence that I Elizabeth Robinson aforesaid do herebyconstitute & appoint Leroy Jordan of Bedford county & stat aforesaid to be my true & lawfulattorny for me & in my name to demand & recv from the secretary of war of the united states awarrant for the quantity of land due to me as aforesaid & my said attorny is hereby fullyauthorized to constitut & appoint one or more substitutes or attornys under him for the thespecial purposes therein expressedElizabeth herXmark Robinsontest [signed] John Smith Chambless Store Bedford County Va Nov 2[end of page] 18[end of page]SirHere with enclose you the papers in support of Elizabeth Robinson’s claim to land If it isadmitted you will please to send the warrant to William Crumb [or Crump] of Bedford County Vaby mail yours &c Elizabeth X RobinsonReceived of the Secretary of war warrant No 1424 for 100 acres, issued in favour of the heirs at law

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