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DPS Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Verification (AGENCY COPY) I, , have been notified that a Computerized Criminal APPLICANT or EMPLOYEE NAME (Please print)


BELTON INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT CRIMINAL HISTORY RECORD INFORMATION ADDENDUM Confidential* The Belton Independent School District is required by Texas Education Code Chapter 22, Subchapter C to review the criminal history of applicants, employees, independent contractors, student teachers, and certain volunteers. The information requested below is necessary to obtain criminal history record information. PLEASE PRINT. Full Name_____________________________________________________________________ Last First Middle Maiden/Other Social Security Number _____________________ Date of Birth: _______/_______/_______ Month Date Year Driver’s License _____________________________________ State and Number Mailing Address _______________________________________________________________ Street City State Zip Sex: Male Ethnicity: Black Female White/Other Position applied for: __________________________________________________________ I understand that the information I am providing about age, sex, and ethnicity will not be used to determine eligibility for employment but will be used solely for the purpose of obtaining criminal history record information. Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: ___________________________________ * This form will be removed from the application and filed separately in

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A Guide to Developing Collaborative School-Community- Business

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coordinated application of resources and effort. In fact, there is partners. How this Guide will help. The “gold standard” of youth outcomes is when they are achieving employment and pursuing a clear career path Individual Educational Plan and other learning and career development planning.

american friends of the attingham summer school newsletter

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explanation of the accommodations at Attingham Park that “the English like to be 1 Denmark. Six scholarships were provided of which two were from AFA. Barbara File, AFA's board secretary, has worked in the Archives of the.

Course: Biology I Course Code: 2000310 - St. Lucie County School Board

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Biology I Course Code: pioneer species, climax community, primary, and secondary succession, consequences what parameters define a biome

Lafayette High School - Fayette County Public Schools

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methods of pinch, coil, and slab techniques Credit: 1. This course is intended to prepare students for further work in programming at the college level. learning to write structured, readable, and user friendly programs in QBASIC.

Please sit with your district colleagues.

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IFD, Exemplar Lessons Customization –making it our own When you return to your tables, we will go online to explore the CSCOPE website.

2012 Special Event Permit Application - Chicago Park District

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The applicant must inform the Park District upon the immediate discovery of such As part of the DCASE application package, the Chicago Police District Commander

Brookwood High School Science National Honor Society Application

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Brookwood High School Science National Honor Society Application Name: Student # Grade: Print this form sign it and have recommending teachers sign.

High Tech High: A Look at a Technology-Based School of the Future

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Urban public high schools in the United States are failing to educate their students. This failure is most pronounced for African-American and Latino


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3 PREFACE This study guide is designed for Nova Southeastern University (NSU) students who want to know more about the complexities of school budgeting, finance, and law.

Los Alamos High School

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transcript to: Kathryn Vigil, Building 2, Room. 222, UNM-LA. 4. Cost: All . Artificial Intelligence. ♢ Computer .. A foundation in English 9 will prepare students to choose either logic, media and image analysis, and critical thinking.