Backpack Sprayer - GEMPLER'S - Outdoor Work Supplies, Spray

Backpack Sprayer - GEMPLER'S - Outdoor Work Supplies, Spray

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SAFETY PRECAUTIONS • Read owner’s manual completely before operating this sprayer. • Always use goggles, gloves, and protective clothing when using sprayer.

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Do Not Return This Sprayer To The Store For Help, Information or Parts, Call : 1-800-311-9903 The Fountainhead Group, Inc. 23 Garden St., New York Mills, NY 13417 1-800-311-9903 CAUTION: Read and follow all instructions Backpack Sprayer Use and Care Manual Manual No. 181702Rev A. 10/2010 NO LEAK BACKPACK SPRAYER SAFETY PRECAUTIONS • Read owner’s manual completely before operating this sprayer. • Always use goggles, gloves, and protective clothing when using sprayer. • Read and follow all instructions and cautions on label of products used in this sprayer. • Never use flammable liquids, caustics, acids, or hot water in this tank. • Do not leave sprayer in the sun when not in use. • Spray when air is calm to prevent drift of chemicals. • Do not use sprayer near open flame or anything that could cause ignition of the spray. • Always inspect hose and all hose connections before each use. A damaged hose, or loose hose connection can result in unintended exposure to the pressurized chemical, resulting in serious injury or property damage. • Do not lift or carry sprayer by the hose, shut-off valve, or wand extension. Carry by the handle only. • Do not pressurize with any mechanical device such as an air compressor, since this can create a dangerous pressure level and bursting of parts resulting in serious injury. Only use original pump. • Do not store chemicals in this tank. • Always release pressure when sprayer is not in use and before performing any maintenance. • Clean and rinse sprayer thoroughly after each use. • Never attempt to alter sprayer from original condition. • Always use replacement parts from original manufacturer. • Keep the sprayer and all chemicals out of the reach of children. CAUTION Always empty, clean and dry tank, pump system, shut-off, hose, and extension after each use. Failure to do so may weaken sprayer components causing components to rupture when pressurized.

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