Automation Testing

Automation Testing

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Keywords. Test Automation, Beginner tutorial, Testing process, Cucumber, Selenium Webdriver, Java 4.2.6 JMeter. JMeter is an Apache project used for load testing, which is an open source software writ- ten in Java. It analyses and measures the performance and endurance of web applica-.

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Automation Testing: Implementation Methods and Scripting Mari Pasanen Bachelor’s Thesis Degree Programme in Business Information Technology 2017 Abstract 211 12017 Author Mari Pasanen Degree programme Business Information Technology Re port/thesis title Automation Testing: Implementation Methods and Scripting Number of pages and appendix pages 53 + 3 This thesis presents the basic concepts of automation testing and testing in general The idea was to learn about automation testing for myself in case of possible future endeav ours, but also to provide an easily accessible tutorial for those who might benefit from the knowledge as well but feel a bit overwhelmed about where to begin The thesis comprises of presenting automation testing c oncepts with SDLC and V Model, different types of testing methods, introduction to both test management and test automa tion tools, basics of the testing process in general, possible risks, a case study to demon strate an automated login case in action, and finally the final conclusions regarding the pro cess of learning from the topic The case study was written in the form of a beginner tutorial, which gives step by step in structions on how to configure and build an environment to conduct a simplified case for a login process for a travel web site The utilized programming language and environment was Java with Eclips e Oxygen, the tool selected was Selenium WebDriver and the assist ing framework was selected as Cucumber The overall final result was a working demo, which was documented for easy replication in case of need for learning Keywords Test Automation, Beginner tutorial, Testing process, Cucumber, Selenium Webdriver, Java Table of contents 1 Introduction 1 2 Automation testing concepts 3 21 What is automation testing? 3 22 Why implement automation testing? 3 23 SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) 4 231 VModel 6 24 Test Driven Development (TDD) 8 25 Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) 9 26 From manual tests to automation 11 3 Types of testing methods 12 31 Regression testing 12 32 Performance testing 12 33 Unit testing 13 34 Integration testing 14 35 System testing 15 36 Exploratory testing 15 37 Smoke testing 16 38 Security testing 16 39 User Acceptance Testing (UAT) 17 4 Tools and Frameworks 18 41 Test management tools 18 411 Zephyr for Jira 18 412 HP ALM 19 413 Open source management tools 19 414 Excel based Test Management 20 42 Examples of automation testing tools and frameworks 20 421 Selenium WebDriver 20 422 Cucumber 21 423 JBehave 22 424 Universal Functional Tester by HP 22 425 Robot Framework 22 426 JMeter 23 427 JUnit 24 428 Jenkins 24 5 Testing process 25 51 Test Planning 25 511 Master Test Plan (MTP) 25 512 Requirements 25 513 Test Cases 26 514 Test Execution 28 515 Defect Management 28 52 The importance of the planning and preparation of test tools 29 53 Implementation of languages from automation testing perspective 29 531 Gherkin 30 54 Deliverables and understanding the results 31 6 Risks of automation testing 34 7 Case study 36 71 Installing tools and frameworks 37 711 Installing Java, Eclipse and the Cucumber

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