Autodesk Solutions for Efficient 2D to Stereoscopic 3D Conversion

Autodesk Solutions for Efficient 2D to Stereoscopic 3D Conversion

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Autodesk Digital Entertainment Creation Solutions Autodesk® Flame® Premium software. 3D visual artists can hand paint depth information.

Autodesk Solutions for Efficient 2D to Stereoscopic 3D Conversion free download

www a Auto d Flam Auto d Flar e Auto d May a Au E ff 3 D Co n (S3 kno w con co m ind u A ut o and effi c foo t autodeskcom / desk ® e ® Premiu desk ® e™ desk ® a® u tod e ff icie n D Co nverting D), or " r w n to b e suming m mon te c ustry at l odesk ® Autod e cient wo tage /redimension a m e sk S n t 2 D nver s mono f o redime n e a lab o proces s chniqu e large a n Flame ® esk ® Ma y rkflow f o alization S olut i D to S s ion ootage i nsionali z or intens s This d es curre n nd how A Premiu m ya® soft w or redi m ions S ter e nto ste r zation", ive and docume n ntly use d A utodes m , Auto d w are pr o m ension for e osc o reoscop i is gene r time nt discu s d by th e k soluti o desk ® F ovide a alizing 2 o pic ic 3D rally sses e ons Flare ™, more 2D AUTODESK SOLUTIONS FOR EFFICIENT 2D TO STEREOSCOPIC 3D CONVERSION 2 Contents Market Dynamics 3   Autodesk Digital Entertainment Creation Solutions 3   Stereoscopy Background 4   General Workflows for Redimensionalization 4   Examples 5   2D Displacement and Footage Distortion 5   Cards in 3D Space 6   MatchMoved Geometry 8   How Flame and Flare Address Common Stereo Conversion Issues 11   Simulating Eyes 11   Viewing Stereo 111   Cutouts and Rotoscoping 111   Mixing 2D and 3D Footage 111   Parallax Effects 111   Characters and 3D Geometry 13   Workflow and Data Interchange 13   Stereo Finishing 14   Case Study: Nice Shoes Television Commercial Stereo Conversion 14   Summary 14   AUTODESK SOLUTIONS FOR EFFICIENT 2D TO STEREOSCOPIC 3D CONVERSION 3 Market Dynamics While stereoscopic cinema is not a new technology, it has only been in the last few years that it has become more available and demand for it has reached a critical mass for wider adoption Many movies are now released in S3D at the cinema, and there are large libraries of movies that can be converted to S3D and rereleased for new audiences to enjoy As more content is made available, it’s expected that the demand for S3D will increase Furthermore, stereoenabled hardware such as televisions and computers are becoming available to consumers, helping to fuel demand With this upswing in demand, there remains the challenge of the intensive labor requirements involved in redimensionalizing 2D footage Even though the technology exists to shoot directly in stereo, this can be cost prohibitive or in some cases undesirable Having the added option of converting 2D to S3D is a benefit to a production toolset In the case of older 2D footage, reshooting in 3D is obviously impossible There needs to be a cost effective way of converting footage to S3D Autodesk Digital Entertainment Creation Solutions Autodesk provides digital entertainment creation solutions for film, games and television This white paper explores how the following Autodesk applications are used in redimensionalization:  Autodesk ® Flame ® Premium software 3D visual effects compositing software combined with color grading and an integrated timeline workflow  Autodesk ® Flare ™ software 3D visual effects compositing software based on Flame for expanding a team of visual effects artists  Autodesk ® Maya ® software 3D modeling, animation, effects, and rendering software It’s pertinent to note that Flare is based on Flame They both share the same tools: such as Batch and the Action 3D compositing environment, and project, setup and media files are compatible with each other Flare is intended to be a softwareonly solution that is used by Flame Premium customers to expand their teams A re dimensionalization workflow might have several Flare seats for artists to tackle 3D visual effects work, and a Flame Premium seat for aggregating the shots on a timeline and color grading AUTODESK SOLUTIONS FOR EFFICIENT 2D TO STEREOSCOPIC 3D CONVERSION 4 Stereoscopy Background The basic concept of stereoscopy is to create the illusion of depth by displaying two offset images, representing the left and right eyes The slight differences between the left and right eyes (called ‘binocular disparity’) causes the brain to merge the two with a perception of depth In the case of 2D to 3D conversion, we only have images representing a single

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