Auto Repair Checklist

Auto Repair Checklist

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Auto Repair Check List 1. Finding an auto repair shop: A. Ask for recommendations from friends or family B. Make sure the repair shop can do the work you require

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Auto Repair Check List 1. Finding an auto repair shop: A. Ask for recommendations from friends or family B. Make sure the repair shop can do the work you require C. Does the repair shop honor vehicle or repair warranties? D. Has the repair shop had any customer complaints against it? Call the Better Business Bureau at 801-892-6009 or the Division of Consumer Protection* at 801-530-6601. (*The Division can provide information about pu blic record action taken against a repair shop, but not whether complaints have been filed against a repair shop.) E. Are the mechanics certified or otherwise qualified to perform the work? Factory \ authorized dealerships or repair facilities often require their mechanics to be certified to work on their brand of vehicle and its components; likewise, ASE offers certification to mechanics as well. The prices charged by a certified mechanic may be higher than a non-certified mechanic, but at least you know that they have met minimum competencies to perform the work. Neglect ing this certification MAY lead to lower repair costs but more problems if the mechan ic is not competent to perform the work. 2. Getting an estimate: A. Make certain the estimate lists th e parts needed AND labor costs. B. Make certain the estimate states you will be co ntacted if work exceeds time limit or 10% of total costs (excluding tax). C. Find out if labor is charged at a flat rate or based on the actual amount of time required by the repairs. D. Does the repair shop guarantee its work or offer a warranty? What is included (parts only, parts and labor,

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