At The Department Store - ESL Lesson Plans, Printables, Games

At The Department Store - ESL Lesson Plans, Printables, Games

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through the department store. The students will probably not have much difficulty identifying where she intends to go but may have problems correctly numbering in

At The Department Store - ESL Lesson Plans, Printables, Games free download Premium Level: Elementary Page 1 © At The Department Store A W a r m e r You can go to a department store to buy many things from the same place. Imagine your town doesn’t have a department store. Which shop can you go to in order to buy these diff erent things? Premium Level: Elementary Page 2 © B V o c a b u l a r y These are some of the words that you will hear in the listening in the next part of the lesson. Match the words with the definitions on the right. Word Definition Wedding Toaster Appliance Escalator Framing Kitchen range Stool High chair, often without a back. Used for cooking and baking food. Often large. Service that puts wooden border around pictures. Something that produces toasted bread. Ceremony where two people get married. Moving stairs. Tool or electrical instrument. C L i s t e n i n g You are going to listen to a customer who is visiti ng Everest Stores, a large department store in her town. She i s speaking to a store assistant in the information booth on the f irst floor (see the diagram below ). As you listen the first time, mark on the floor pla n where the customer wants to go and in which order she will move around the s tore. Premium Level: Elementary Page

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