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féministes et trans) mais aussi au sein de la psychiatrie elle-même. Il apparaît trouble mental au lieu d'être le résultat des nouvelles études épidémiologiques et des données cliniques est souvent STONE Sandy, « The Empire strikes back: A posttranssexual manifesto », in EPSTEIN Julia,

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Original Article Effects of icariin on orthodontic tooth movement in rats - Semantic Scholar

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Icariin, the active ingredient isolated from Herba Epimedii which is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) commonly used for Keywords: Icariin, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), orthodontic tooth movement (OTM), bone remodeling. Introduction ever, the effect of this herb on OTM has not.

Solar PV Code Compliance Reference

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between 2005, 2008 and 2011 NEC. c. References in brackets [ ] are to the 2005 and 2008 NEC and other relevant documents. Standards website:

Alluvial Fans Reference List

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Benito, G., Gutierrez, F., Perez-Gonzalez, A., and Machado, M.J., 2000, hydraulic processes, sedimentary processes, and facies assemblages: C., 1985, Correlation and age of Quaternary alluvial-fan sequences, Basin and . MacArthur, R.C., Harvey, M.D., and Sing, E.F., 1990, Estimating sediment 

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being built by General Dynamics NASSCO, at the shipyard in San Diego, Calif., Kleinschmidt, his chief engineer, Bill Maus, and the rest of the U.S. 

1 This paper was published online as one article within Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the ...

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neither in his book nor in an earlier short paper on urban geology (1969) did Legget define. 'urban geology' information, and of geological methods to obtain new information about local subsurface conditions .. Also in 1982, the Geological Society of America published, in its 'Reviews in Engineeri

A Reference Grammar of Wappo

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States, enriches lives around the world by advancing scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, .. She gave her time and expertise to anthropologists and linguists who sought her out for her knowledge of Wappo language and culture. She shared .. 1SG:NOM all:the:time bread eat - DUR.


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TECHNICAL ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT 1990 TOYOTA PAINT CODES AND REFINISH FORMULA CODES Attached for your reference is a listing of all 1990 paint codes and refinish paint

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Jeffrey A. Hall, PhD, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies .. style on four dimensions: affiliative (e.g., ''I laugh and joke a lot with my closest.

Research Article Botnet Detection Using Support Vector Machines with Artificial Fish Swarm ...

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Because of the advances in Internet technology, the applications of the Internet of Things . crossover, and particle swarm optimization [20, 21] was.

The Small Language Scripting Reference

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RemotelyAnywhere uses a third party scripting language called Small. WHAT IS SMALL? This is probably best described in the wo rds of the author of the language itself: