Around the Southern Table RELEASE final

Around the Southern Table RELEASE final

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that Southern food involves much more than typical biscuits and fried Around the Southern Table delivers soul-satisfying recipes for every

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For$Immediate$Release$Contact:((Aimee(Bianca,(YC(Media(212460945009,([email protected](((( SOUTHERN LIVING AROUND THE SOUTHERN TABLE Coming home to comforting meals and treasured memories By Rebecca Lang For immediate release (New York, NY) ? Quintessential Southern belle Rebecca Lang is proving that Southern food involves much more than typical biscuits and fried chicken with her comprehensive new cookbook, Southern Living Around the Southern Table (October 2, 2012; Oxmoor House; $29.95/Hardcover). A Georgia native, she draws on her deep Southern roots to celebrate the essence of the Southern table: hospitality. From the comfort food of home, to the generosity of Southern hosts, to the heirloom linens and china adorning every Southern table, this book is truly a slice of Southern culture. Each page honors the timeless Southern tradition of gathering around the table with family, friends, and unforgettable food. -more- Around the Southern Table delivers soul-satisfying recipes for every occasion, from breakfast and brunch to sweet desserts. Rebecca?s twists on the Southern breakfast classics: Sweet Candied Bacon is transformed into an indulgent brunch side with the addition dash of molasses and brown sugar, and run-of-the-mill grits become glorious Puffy Grits souffl? when whipped egg whites and Parmigiano-Reggiano are added. Rebecca celebrates ?Southern-style snacking? in ?Little Bites, Sips & Jars,? which features recipes for Southern classics with a

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