Appliance Dealers Cooperative

Appliance Dealers Cooperative

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You Can Count On Us MISSION STATEMENT To assist the independent family-owned appliance and electronic stores survive and flourish in the face of competition from

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You Can Count On Us Appliance Dealers Cooperative You Can Count On Us MISSION STATEMENT To assist the independent appliance and electronic dealer to compete and flourish in the marketplace. You Can Count On Us What is ADC ? I. Regional Buying Group Over 200 Members across nine states with over 275 storefronts  Immediate availability of a $40 Million inventory  500,000 Sq. Ft. of warehouse space in three strategic locations  Group exclusive rebates  Offering a host of services to members including expert logistical, marketing and finance support  Access to the industry’s leading brands  Established in 1972  Servicing dealers equally regardless of volume II. NECO Alliance Advantage  Over $1 billion of purchasing power to provide some of the strongest programs in the industry  NECO members include Inter -county, Dynamic Marketing (formerly Key NY) and The New England Group  Combined for a total in excess of 1,000,000 square feet of aggregate warehouse space  Servicing over 700 stores in the Mid Atlantic region and Ohio  Exclusive NECO rebates in addition to manufacturer rebates You Can Count On Us Summary of ADC Services 1. Inventory Availability 2. Shipping Services 3. Special Purchasing Programs 4. Vendor Ordering Services 5. Damages & Returns Services 6. In-Store Facilitator Services 7. Merchandising Services 8. Online Services 9. Financing Services 10. Buying Fairs 11.Educational Services & Company Newsletter You Can Count On Us ADC Services 1. Inventory Availability  $40 Million inventory of white goods, TV and electronics, air conditioners, barbecue grills, bedding, furniture and accessories  Central Jersey warehouse space

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