Appendix 3: APA reference style

Appendix 3: APA reference style

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the first six authors’ names, then insert three ellipses and then add the last author’s name, for example:

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Tip! See to obtain information about APA style. The full guidelines are published in the Sixth Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychologic al Association and anyone working on APA -style journals is strongly encouraged to refer to this Manual in the first instance. Text citations All references in the text and notes must be specified by the authors’ last names and date of publication together with page numbers for direct quotations from print sources. Do not use ibid., op. cit., infra., supra. Note the following for the style of text citations: 1. If the author’s name is in the text, follow with year in parentheses: ... Author Last Name (year) has argued ... 2. If author’s name is not in the text, insert last name, comma and year: ... several works (Author Last Name, year) have described ... 3. For direct quotations, the page number follows the year, preceded by ‘p.’ (not a colon): ... it has been noted (Author Last Name, year, p. XXX) that ... 4. Where there are two authors, always cite both names, joined by ‘and’ if within running text and outside of parentheses; joined by an ampersand (&) if within parenthetical material, in tables and in captions, and in the reference list: …Author Last Name and Author Last Name stated that… ... it has been stated (Author Last Name & Author Last Name, year) ... 5. When a work has three, four, or five authors, cite all authors the first time the citation occurs; in subsequent citations, include only the surname of the first author followed by ‘et al.’ (not italicized and with a period after ‘al’) and the year if

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