Answering Student Questions during Examinations

Answering Student Questions during Examinations

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1. Answering Student Questions during Examinations: A Descriptive Study of Faculty Beliefs. Outcomes of examinations have serious implications for students. Thus, implementing evidence-based test administration practices is critical. Conversations with faculty peers revealed a variety of beliefs an

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U niv ersit y of P ortl an d P ilot Sc hol ars N ur sin g F ac ult y P ublica tion s and P re se n ta tion s S choo l of N ursin g 52015 A nswe rin g S tude nt Ques tions dur ing E xamin ations: A D escript ive S tudy of F ac ult y B elief s S u sa n B Stillwel l U niv er sit y of P ortla n d , s tillw [email protected] pe du Lor etta C Kr aut schied U niv er sit y of P ortla n d , kr auts [email protected] pe du F ollo w thi s and a ddition al w orks at: h tt p://p ilots cho la rs u pe du/nr s_facpubs P art of the N ur sin g C ommon s Thi s Jour nal A rticle i s brought to y ou for f re e a nd ope n acce ss b y the S chool of N ursin g at Pilot S chola rs I t h as be en a cce pt ed for inclusion in N ursin g F ac ult y P ublica tion s and P re se n ta tion s by a n a uthor iz e d a dmini str ator of P ilot S chola rs F or mor e information, p leas e c onta ct l i br [email protected] pe du C itation : Pilot S chola rs V ersion ( Mod ifie d ML A Sty le ) S tillw ell, S usan B and Kr auts chie d, L orett a C , "Answ erin g S tude nt Que stion s dur ing E xamin ation s: A D escr ipt ive S tudy of F ac ult y Be lief s" (2015) N ursi ng F acu lt y P ublic atio ns a nd P re sen ta tio ns 15 h tt p://p ilots cho la rs u pe du/nr s_facpubs/15 1 Answer ing Student Questions during Examination s: A Descriptive Study of Faculty B eliefs Outcomes of examinations have se rious implications for students Thus, implementing evidence based test administration practices is critical Conversations with faculty peers revealed a variety of beliefs and practices including permitting students to ask questions during test taking , answering questions on a case by case basis, and not permitting students to ask questions A review of the literature offered little empirical evidence on testing practices and , specifically , no evidence on how to respond to students who ask questions during an exam Th is study describe s nurse educator beliefs about answering individual student questions while administering an e xaminatio n According to Twigg (2012), tests are used to measure learning outcomes and provide faculty with information to make grading decisions Additionally, ex am scores may be used to compare aggregate student performance against standardized norm referenced tests to evaluate curricular effectiveness (Waugh & Gronlu nd, 2013) Finally, exam s may help determine the effectiveness of teaching strategies (Bain, 2004) Because examination outcomes have serious implications for both the students and the program of study, it is essential to enforce testing practices that produce valid assessment s of individ ual student knowledge An exhaustive literature review was conducted using ERIC, CINAHL, EBSCOhost, MEDLINEplus, and GoogleScholar Key words used in the literature review included: test , administration , student questions, asking questions, testing pract ices , disruption, assessment, proctor, nurse, education, belief, perception , and exam policies Despite this exhaustive review, no empirical research was located to guide best practices for test administration or responding to individual student questions during testing This topic has not previously been published in either nursing education or

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