Answering Difficult Questions

Answering Difficult Questions

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engaging in anal penetration because the anus is not self-lubricating. Anyone brought up to believe . Wet sex is sex without disturbing the natural lubrication of the vagina. Lubrication is naturally .. proval or violence, but gay and lesbian people can have all of the same hopes, fears, dreams, et

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Answering Difficult Questions A Guide to Addressing Young Women’s Sexual Health Concerns Created by: Ibis Reproductive Health With funding from: The Ford Foundation “Answering Difficult Questions: A Guide to Addressing Young Women’s Sexu al Health Concerns” was designed by Ibis Reproductive Health in order to assist health care personnel with responding to young women’s concerns around sexuality and sexual health and seeks to promote open communication between provider and patient The guide has been formatted as a set of flash cards in order to facilitate its use in the clinical setting The cards can also be printed and used as leaflets if desired The following are the sources consulted during the creation of these cards: • World Health Organization (wwwwhoint) • Go Ask Alice! (Columbia University) (wwwgoaskalicecolumbiaedu) • Teen Talk (Planned Parenthood)(wwwplannedparenthoodorg/teentalk) • ABC of All the Questions We Never Dare to Ask (Kwela Books and Weaver Press) • Discovery Health Sexual Health Center (http://healthdiscoverycom) • Auntie Stella: Teenagers talk about sex, life and relationships (wwwauntiestellaorg) These materials may be reproduced in whole, without permission, provided the material is distributed free of charge and that Ibis Reproductive Health is acknowl edged Contact Ibis staff with questions and/or comments at [email protected] ductivehealthorg 01 01 Is anal sex enjoyable? Some people think so and prefer to have sex in this way; others find anal intercourse uncomfortable or painful It is helpful to use a lubricant before engaging in anal penetration because the anus is not selflubricating Anyone brought up to believe that anal sex is “unnatural,” wrong, or a sin may have difficulty accepting this practice While anal sex is something that some couples choose to do, make sure it is something that you and your partner want to do Neither you nor your partner should feel forced or pressured to have anal sex and should only do so if you both want to Should my partner and I use condoms during anal intercourse? Yes Just like with vaginal intercourse, it is important to use a condom during anal intercourse The tissue in the anus is fragile and the skin can tear easily In fact, because the lining of the rectum tears more easily than the vagina’s lining, the risk of HIV transmission during anal sex is higher than during vaginal i\ ntercourse If the skin breaks or if there is bleeding during anal sex, there is a possibility that bodily fluids containing HIV and other STIs will be transmitted from one partner to another Wearing a condom during anal intercourse will provide you and your partner with protection against these infections Anal Sex Continued Anal Sex What is anal sex? Anal sex is the stimulation of the anus during sexual activity It can be done in several different ways: manually, orally, or by anal intercourse This is NOT “doggie style” sex which means that the penis is inserted in the vagina from behind Anal intercourse is the insertion of a man’s penis into his partner’s rectum Although anal sex is often thought of as an activity that only samesex male couples engage in, many oppositesex couples enjoy it too 02 02 Getting to know other people is an important part of being a teenager or young person Many adolescents have close friendships or relationships with classmates or other peers that may involve going to a party, movie, or other events together However, being honest about your intentions – and making sure that the people you are involved with understand your intentions – is very important What should I know about casual sex? Casual sex is not uncommon, and it is an

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