Annual Report & Accounts 2016 (7.5MB PDF)

Annual Report & Accounts 2016 (7.5MB PDF)

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Focused on opportunities for growth. William Hill PLC. Annual report and accounts. 2016. W illia m. H ill P. LC. A nnual report and accounts 20. 16 .. Regulation is only going to become tougher. Costs are increasing – both gambling taxes and compliance with those regulations. Deep pockets are.

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Focused on opportunities for growth William Hill PLC Annual report and accounts 2016 William Hill PLC Annual report and accounts 2016 Contents 48 Chairman’s introduction to governance Good governance in a demanding year Strategy update Building on the good work already underway 10 Looking ahead Te c h n o l o g y, the UK and International growth 04 Pages 01 to 45 form the Strategic Report of William Hill PLC for the period ended 27 December 2016 The Strategic Report has been approved by the Board of William Hill PLC and signed on behalf of the Board by Philip Bowcock, Interim CEO 01 Strategic report 46 Governance 94 Financial statements 02 Chairman’s statement 04 Looking ahead 10 Strategy update 12 Our business today 14 Key trends in the market 16 Our business model 18 Key performance indicators 20 Our marketplace 24 Divisional overview 30 Financial review 32 Corporate responsibility 40 Managing our risks 46 Board of Directors 48 Chairman’s introduction 50 Report on Corporate Governance 60 Report of the Audit and Risk Management Committee 64 Report of the Corporate Responsibility Committee 66 Report of the Nomination Committee 68 Directors’ Remuneration Report 90 Directors’ Report 93 Directors’ responsibilities statement 94 Independent Auditor’s Report 99 Group Financial Statements 141 Parent Company Financial Statements 149 Fiveyear summary 150 Abbreviations and glossary 151 Statement of Group Accounting Policies 157 Shareholder information 16 Our business model Creating value for all stakeholders Introduction We are one of the world’s leading gambling companies With over 80 years of heritage, William Hill is a powerful brand Millions of people around the world enjoy betting with us With compelling growth opportunities , we are building on our strengths and investing in our digital and international expansion And we continue to innovate to give our customers the best possible gambling experience 01Strategic report Financial statements Governance William Hill PLC Annual Repor t and Accounts 2016 Performance overview 2016 was a challenging year for William Hill, with performance below what the Board expected at the start of the year However, we have made a number of strategic and leadership changes to address this and ultimately delivered a fullyear profit within the range of our revised expectations To summarise the results, Group net revenue 1 and profit before interest and tax were both up 1% However, adjusted operating profit 2, which gives a clearer picture of underlying performance, declined 10% in 2016 to £ 2615m (2015: £ 2914m) and basic, adjusted earnings per share (EPS) 3 declined 10% to 223p (2015: 247p) Although we benefited in both wagering and margin terms from the EURO 2016 football tournament, other sporting results were poor, including Cheltenham in March and significant losses in football in the final weeks of the year Excluding the sporting results, Retail, Australia and the US all performed well Retail progressed our omnichannel strategy by rolling out 2,000 proprietary selfservice betting terminals (SSBTs) and also successfully implemented its modernisation programme This revised the management and staffing model throughout the business to increase customer focus and will also help mitigate the cost of National Living Wage increases in future years It is encouraging to see the Australian business deliver topline growth following extensive work to improve the product, user experience and marketing In the US, we continue to expand, adding new sports books in Nevada, launching a new mobile app and signing an agreement that takes us into Iowa Online’s performance was weaker than last year In March, we highlighted that more customers than expected were using the new ‘timeout’ and automatic selfexclusion measures; we were required to add

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