Annual Report 07-08 FINAL.pdf

Annual Report 07-08 FINAL.pdf

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He spoke of the critical importance that scholar's work has played in historical perspective of the relationship between the United States and national interests and international law standards regarding human rights and theory; Gül Berna Özcan studies the control of markets and governance 

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Kennan InstItute Annual Report 2007–2008 1 Kennan InstItute Annual Report 2007–2008 Kennan InstItute Woodrow Wilson International Center for scholars One Woodrow Wilson Plaza 1300 Pennsylvania avenue, nW Washington, DC 200043027 t el (202) 6914100 Fax (202) 6914247 wwwwilsoncenterorg/kennan Kennan InstItute staff Blair a Ruble, Director William e Pomeranz, Deputy Director Margaret Paxson, senior associate Rachel Madenyika, Program specialist F Joseph Dresen, Program associate Renata KoscHarmatiy, Program associate edmita Bulota, Program assistant sarah Dixon Klump, editorial assistant edita Krunkaityte, Program assistant Mary elizabeth Malinkin, Program assistant Lidiya Zubytska, Program assistant Also employed at the Kennan Institute during the 2007–08 program year: Markian Dobczansky, editorial assistant Megan Yasenchak, Program assistant Kennan Moscow Project Galina Levina, Program Manager ekaterina alekseeva, Program Manager and editor Irina Petrova, Office Manager Pavel Korolev, Program Officer anna t oker, accountant s t odd Weinberg, Consultant Kennan KyIv Project Yaroslav Pylynskyi, Project Manager nataliya samozvanova, Office Manager Maryna Rosinska, Program assistant s todd Weinberg, Consultant research ass Istants 2007–08 amy alspaugh, Megan Cully, t amara GasanDzhalalova, Meghan Gattuso, Leonid Godunov, Kathleen Holmes, Irina Karmanova, Kamilla Khabibrakhmanova, Marina Mateski, Olga novikova, Katie Radaeva, Katrin Reichelt, Liz Reynolds, Leslie Root, Paul Rozenberg, Jason smart, Kathryn stevens, Katie stuhldreher, Maria Voziyan, amy Wilson, anthony Zannino Issn: 19312083 Kennan InstItute 2 “STOLNIK” APARTMENT HOUSE, MALYI LEVASHINSKII LANE, ARCHITECTS: M KOGAN, A SAVIN, MOSCOW, RUSSIA (WILLIAM C BRUMFIELD) Kennan Institute annual Report 2007–2008 1 OVeRVIeW 3 DIReCtOR’s ReVIeW 5 aDVIsORY COunCILs 10 Kennan COunCIL 11 sCHOLaRs 13 Case PROGRaM 22 MeetInGs 27 OutReaCH 59 FunDInG 66 COntents Unless otherwise noted, photographs for this report were provided by William Craft Brumfield, photographer and Professor of Slavic Languages at Tulane University The originals of these photographs are in the permanent collection of the Photographic Archives of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC Kennan Institute annual Report 2007–2008 3 OVeRVIeW T he Kennan Institute was founded as a division of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in December 1974 through the joint initiative of Ambassador George F Kennan, then Wilson Center Director James Billington, and historian S Frederick Starr Named in honor of Ambassador Kennan’s relative, George Kennan “the Elder” (1845–1924), a nineteenthcentury explorer of Russia and Siberia, the Kennan Institute is committed to improving American expertise and knowledge about Russia, Ukraine, and other states in the region It is one of several regional studies programs of the Wilson Center The Center is an international, interdisciplinary, scholarly institution that fosters scholarship in the humanities and social sciences and encourages dialogue between the disciplines and the professions The director of the Kennan Institute reports to the director of the Woodrow Wilson Center and receives guidance from the Kennan Institute Advisory Council and the Kennan Council The Kennan Institute offers residential research scholarships in the humanities and social sciences to academic scholars and specialists from government, the media, and the private sector Thanks to its location in Washington, DC, the Kennan Institute is able to provide its scholars with access to libraries, archives, research facilities, and human resources that are among the finest in the United States Following in the tradition of the Wilson Center, the Institute also provides decision

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