Anatomy of a Vise

Anatomy of a Vise

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Anatomy of a Vise RIDGID-Peddinghaus Bench Vise is the perfect tool for those professionals who rely straightening anvil and 2 corner supports.

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Anatomy of a Vise Ridge Tool Europe Interleuvenlaan 50 3001 Leuven Belgium Tel: +32 (0)16 380 280 Fax: +32 (0)16 380 381 [email protected] www RIDGID eu FY14 65TA_ME Handle with changeable anti pinch rubber rings to avoid accidents, increase lifetime and reduce noise Hardened and serrated jaws for maximal durability The Parallel Jaw Alignment System provides precise clamping and longer service life Large capacity pipe jaws for secure clamping Large hardened anvil for straightening and other forming work Heat treated selfimpeding adjustable guiding guarantee precise adjustments even after years 360 degree forged steel swivel base allows vise to lock securely in any position Spindle housing protecting the nut thread to be exposed to abrasive dust and other external materials Rolled twin start Acme thread for precise operation and longevity Removable steel spindle nut RIDGIDPeddinghaus Bench Vise is the perfect tool for those professionals who rely on their Bench Vise on a daily basis Measuring scale Long machined and surface guide bar for maximum precision For the complete selection of the RIDGID® product line, please refer \ to the RIDGID Catalog or wwwRIDGIDeu MADE IN GERMANY SINCE 1903 RIDGID ® Peddinghaus Products DISTRIBUTOR Ordering Information Catalog No Model Description Weight lb kg 66987 F45 4½" Forged Swivel Base 26 119 66992 F50 5" Forged Swivel Base 48 216 66997 F60 6" Forged Swivel Base 63 286 Ordering Information Catalog No Model Description Weight lb kg 35821 120 Multiplus Vise 441 20 15318 160 Multiplus Vise 816 37 BENCH VISE Professional bench vise with swivel base and buildin jaws for the workshop and installation industry MULTIPLUS Professional multipurpose vise with bending and straightening attachment • Suitable for bending steel, stainless steel and hydraulic pipes and stai\ ghtening steel strips • A force of 25/35 tons is applied by the spindle of the Multiplus 120/1\ 60 • Supplied complete and ready to use with 15 mm 18 mm 22 mm formers, straightening anvil and 2 corner supports ANVILS RIDGID® Peddinghaus anvil has long stood for quality and craftsmanship Peddinghaus anvils are dropforged and produced entirely from high grade steel for maximum durability The top face is ground and hardened to provide a lively surface to work on Ordering Information Catalog No Model Width ofFace Lengthof Face Lengthof Horns TotalLength TotalHeight Base Weight Std Pack lb kg 69642 12 5¼ 12 8½ 28½ 12¼ 10¾×13½ 26 119 1 69622 5 3 8 5½ 18¾ 8 6¾×7¾ 48 216 1 69632 9 5 10½ 7½ 25 10½ 9¼×11 63 286 1 Magnetic Jaw Covers Work Table Aluminum Magnetic Jaw Cover SoftFaced Magnetic Jaw Cover Fiber Magnetic Jaw Cover All bench vises are constructed of 75000 psi tensile strength forged steel, that is 3 times stronger that than castiron RIDGID® Peddinghaus vises renowned for quality and durability, produced in Germany for over 110 years

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