An Assessmnet of Number Sense Among Secondary School Students

An Assessmnet of Number Sense Among Secondary School Students

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In Malaysian school climate, children's natural thinking ―becomes gradually replaced I strongly believe that making sense of numbers is the cornerstone for the learning of mathematics. So, the question to be pursued: is number sense taught or The compositions of the samples are shown in table 1

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1 AN ASSESSMENT OF NUM BER SENSE AMONG SECONDARY SCHOOL STU DENTS Parmjit Singh MARA University of Technology, Malaysia < [email protected] > Postal address: Faculty of Education Campus Sec 17, University Technolo gy MARA 40200 Shah Alam, Sela ngo r MALAYSIA Tel: 603 55227396 Fax: 603 55227412 Key words: number sense, number concepts, effect of operations, Equivalent Expression Counting and Computation , 2 AN ASSESSMENT OF NUM BER SENSE AMONG SECONDARY SCHOOL STUD ENTS Parmjit Singh MARA University of Technology, Malaysia < [email protected] > Abstract This paper reports selected findings from a study of number sense proficiency of students aged 13 to 1 6 years in a state i n Malaysia A total of 1756 students, from thirteen schools in a state in Malaysia participated in this study A majority (749%) of these students obtained an A grade for their respective year end school examinations The design for this study was quantit ative in nature where the data on student‘s sense of numbers was collected using Number Sense Test adapted from McIntosh et al,(1997) The results from this study indicate that students obtained a low percentage of success rate ranging from 373% to 477 % across the levels There was no significant difference in the results between Secondary 1 students and Secondary 2 students and also between Secondary 3 students and Secondary 4 students In terms of gender comparison , although the male students obtained a higher score than their female counterparts, this difference was only significant among the Secondary one student‘s It seems that an over reliance on paper and pencil computation at the expense of intuitive understanding of numbers is taking place amon g these students Background Learning what numbers mean, how they may be represented, relationships among them and computations with them are central to developing number sense Number sense refers to a person's general understanding of numbers and oper ations along with the ability to use this understanding in flexible ways to make mathematical judgments and to develop useful strategies for solving complex problems (Burton, 1993; Reys & Yang , 199 8) Kalchman, Moss, and Case (2001) defined number sense: The characteristics of good number sense include: a) fluency in estimating and judging magnitude, b) ability to recognize unreasonable results, c) flexibility when mentally computing, [and] d) ability to move among different representations and to use the most appropriate representation (p 2) In other words, it can be said that number

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