Alcohol Fuel Manual

Alcohol Fuel Manual

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1 The Manual for the Home and Farm Production of Alcohol Fuel by S.W. Mathewson Ten Speed Press J.A. Diaz Publications 1980 Table of Contents Chapter 1 AN OVERVIEW

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1 The Manual for the Home and Farm Pr oduction of Alcohol Fuel by S.W . Mathewson Ten Speed Pr ess J.A. Diaz Publications 1980 T able of Contents Chapter 1 AN OVER VIEW Alcohol Fuel Uses of Alcohol Fuel Other Alternative Fuels Chapter 2 BASIC FUEL THEOR Y Chemical Composition Combustion Properties Volatility Octane Ratings W ater Injection Exhaust Composition Engine Performance ? Straight Alcohol Engine Performance ? Alcohol Blends Chapter 3 UTILIZA TION OF ALCOHOL FUELS Methods of Utilization Alcohol Blends Pure Alcohol Diesel Engines Engine Modification Alcohol Injection Chapter 4 ETHANOL PRODUCTION ? GENERAL DISCUSSION Raw Materials Manufacturing Steps Process Design Chapter 5 PROCESSING STEPS COMMON TO ALL MA TERIALS Dilution Ph Control Backslopping Cleanliness Hydrometers 2 Chapter 6 PROCESSING STEPS SPECIFIC TO SACCHARINE MA TERIALS General Description Extraction Chapter 7 PROCESSING STEPS SPECIFIC TO ST ARCHY MA TERIALS Preparation of Starchy Materials Milling Cooking Conversion Malting Premalting Preparation of Malt Enzyme Conversion Acid Hydrolosis Mash Cooling Chapter 8 PROCESSING STEPS SPECIFIC TO CELLULOSE MA TERIALS Cellulose Conversion Chapter 9 YEAST AND FERMENT ATION Yeast Yeast Preparation Fermentation Fermentation By-products Note of Caution Chapter 10 INDIVIDUAL RA W MA TERIALS Sugar/Starch Content vs Alcohol Saccharine Materials Fruits Molasses Cane Sor ghum Sugar Beets Sugar Corn W astes Starchy Materials Grains Jerusalem Artichokes Potatoes Sweet Potatoes Cellolose Materials Multiple Enzyme Treatment Chapter 1 1 DISTILLA TION Distillation Theory The Reflux Column Chapter 12 DR YING THE ALCOHOL General Description Absorption Methods 3 Drying W ith Lime Azeotropic Methods Chapter 13 MASHING AND FERMENT ATION EQUIPMENT General Discussion Batch Cooking and Mashing Equipment Fermentation Equipment Chapter 14 DISTILLA TION EQUIPMENT Simple Reflux Column Condensers Boilers Reflux Control Hydrometer Sump Construction of a Reflux Column Operation of the Still Caution Chapter 15 SOLAR STILLS General Discussion Principle of Operation Construction of Solar Stills Chapter 16 GOVERNMENT REGULA TIONS ? chapter omitted, the information is outdated Chapter 17 PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Lar ge And Small Systems Very Small Small Medium Lar ge Considerations Chapter 18 THE FUTURE Present Technology New Technology Immobilized Enzymes Cellulose Conversion Alternatives To Distillation Biological Research Conclusion 4 Chapter 1 AN OVER VIEW ALCOHOL FUEL There is nothing new in the use of alcohol as a motor fuel. In 1872, when Nikolaus Otto invented the internal combustion engine, gasoline was not available. Ethyl alcohol at 180-190 proof was the specified fuel. The model "T" Ford was designed to run on the available crude gasolines, alcohol, or any combination of the two. Alcohols in general and ethanol, in particular , make excellent motor fuels. The reason alcohol fuel has not been fully exploited is that, up until now , gasoline has been cheap, available, and easy to produce.

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