Agricultural Chemicals & Groundwater Protection in Colorado

Agricultural Chemicals & Groundwater Protection in Colorado

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the final locations. Unusual or inconsistent results discovered during initial sampling in a reconnaissance survey may warrant follow-up sampling in Weld County. ° Regional Dedicated Monitoring,. Lower South Platte—2001, 2008,. 2010—South Platte River alluvial aquifer monitoring well network.

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Agricultural Chemicals & Groundwater Protection in Colorado 1 Colorado Water Institute Special Report No 23 Colorado Department of Agriculture Colorado State University Extension Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Colorado Water Institute Special Report No 23 Colorado State University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and complies with all federal and Colorado laws, regulations, and executive orders regarding affirmative action requirements in all programs The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity is located in 101 Student Services To assist Colorado State University in meeting its affirmative action responsibilities, ethnic minorities, women and other protected class members are encouraged to apply and to so identify themselves This document is printed on paper made with 80% recycled fiber, 60% postconsumer waste and processed 80% chlorine free Design by Emmett Jordan / Illustrations by Dennis Anderson Acronyms AES Agricultural Experiment Station (Colorado State University) AMA agricultural management area AMP agricultural management plan ARS Agricultural Research Service (United States Department of Agriculture) BDL below detection limit BMP best management practice CCA Certified Crop Advisor CDA Colorado Department of Agriculture CDPHE Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment CSUE Colorado State University Extension DEA desethylatrazine EPA Environmental Protection Agency FIFRA Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act LEPA lowenergy precision application MCL maximum contaminant level MDL minimum detection level NASS National Agricultural Statistics Service (United States Department of Agriculture) NAWQA National WaterQuality Assessment Program (United States Geologic Survey) NO 3N nitrate nitrogen NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service (United States Department of Agriculture) PAM polyacrylamide PBB parts per billion or micrograms per liter PMP Pesticide Management Plan PPM parts per million or milligrams per liter PVC polyvinylchloride PSNT presidedress nitrate testing PSW Public Supply Wells RUP restricted use pesticide SDWA Safe Drinking Water Act SLVEC San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council USDA United States Department of Agriculture USGS United States Geological Survey WQCC Water Quality Control Commission (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) WQCD Water Quality Control Division (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) Agricultural Chemicals & Groundwater Protection Program Troy Bauder Reagan Waskom Rob Wawrzynski Karl Mauch Erik Wardle Andrew Ross Colorado Department of Agriculture Colorado State University Extension Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment The authors of this publication want to acknowledge the dedicated efforts of several state and local advisory committees and workgroups In particular, the members of the Groundwater Protection Program Advisory Committee have offered significant input and volunteered time and travel to guide program staff toward relevant work in protecting water quality The following individuals have served on this committee:David Brown, Tess Byler, Nathan Coombs, Mike Deardorff, Lanny Denham, Anthony Duran, Steven Eckhardt, John Eden, Ray Edmiston, Andrew Ferguson, Barbara Fillmore, Clay Fitzsimmons , Steven Geist, Bob Gobbo, Wayne Gustafson, John Hardwick, Roger Hickert, Rich Huwa, Jim Klein, Terry Kohler, Mark Krick, Dave Latta, Jim Lueck, Mark McCuistion, Jerry Mc Pherson, Darrel Mertens, Mike Mitchell, Roger Mitchell, Eugene Pielin, Tom Pointon, Mike Rahn, Brett Rutledge, Don Rutledge, Robert Sakata, Max Smith, Steve Sackett, Bru\ ce Sandau, Kenny Smith, Martin Spann, Monte Stevenson, John Stout, Harry Talbott, Barbara Taylor, Jack Villines, Lloyd Walker, Doug Wilson, John Wolff, Les Yoshimoto, and Leon Zimbelman, Jr In addition, the following have made significant contributions to the success of the Groundwater Protection Program: • Colorado Department of Agriculture—Bradford Austin, Linda Coulter, Melissa Dishroon, Charlie Hagburg, Dan Hurlbut,

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