Advertising and localization final

Advertising and localization final

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Abstract. Localization and advertising are much more related than usually accepted. In this chapter the concept of localizing a source product will be analyzed not only from a translation but also from business point of view. Both approaches find a specific application in the field of advertising.

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1 This is the final version of the text Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising and localization and localizationand localization and localization Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Localization and advertising are much more related than usually accepted In this chapter the concept of localizing a source product will be anal yzed not only from a translation but also from business point of view Both approaches find a specific application in the field of advertising Concepts and issues on how to appropri ate a marketing campaign around a single product are analyzed Key words Key words Key words Key words Crosscultural – International advertising locali zation – standardization – cultural models Abbreviations Abbreviations Abbreviations Abbreviations B2B – business to business EPRG – ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric or g eocentric GALA – Globalization and Localization Association GILT – Globalization, Internationalization, Localiz ation, Translation HTML – Hypertext Markup Language IDV – Individualism (versus collectivism) LISA – Localization Industry Standards Association LTO – LongTerm Orientation MAS – Masculinity (versus femininity) PDI – Power Distance Index ST – source text UAI – Uncertainty Avoidance Index XML – Extensible Markup Language 2 Localization nowadays is based around strong business models; companies try to use the globalisation era to increase their prof its Such business models are based, to a certain extent, on cultural models (Maroto, 2008) Introduction Introduction Introduction Introduction Within translation studies localization takes a pec uliar place The concept still has difficulty in reaching a general understanding, not in the least because it incorporates a fair amount of computing skills, elements from crosscul tural communication, media studies and, above all, it might very well overlap with business objectives Nevertheless, from a practical point of view, localization could not be more estab lished Localization roughly involves three major fields: m ultilingual translation projects evolving around complex technical texts, software l ocalization and audiovisual localization (subtitling, games…) Localization involves a consi derable amount of computing power but it is much more than just applying technical skills and t akes elements from cultural studies and marketing strategies as well In fact, localization is also a business model Within global marketing, localization is positioned alongside tra nslation, internationalization, globalization and standardization 1 Key then is to approach the main concepts and con vey the reasoning behind them By doing so, not only will the relatio nship between localization and translation become clearer, relevant elements of global and cor porate economics and the purposes of local marketing become part of the localization sto ry as well Laying the scene: localization versus translation Laying the scene: localization versus translation Laying the scene: localization versus translation Laying the scene: localization versus translation The major issue in explaining the concept of locali zation is its relationship with translation A first step in positioning both conce pts in relation to each other is that localization happens at many levels, one of which i s translation What actually constitutes localization is stipulated in the often used defini tion by LISA 2, the Localization Industry Standards Association 3: “Localization involves taking a product and makin g it linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target locale (countr y region and language) where it will be used and sold” (Esselink 2000:3) In response to this de scription, translators often point at the fact that a translation as well includes proper linguist ic and cultural transcreation If not, the translation can hardly satisfy the needs of the

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