Adobe Updates Lightroom, Camera Raw Plugin

Adobe Updates Lightroom, Camera Raw Plugin

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player, the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.1 update includes two major enhancements. Those are:  - additional camera support for the Canon 50D, Canon 1000D

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There?s light at the end of the tunnel Multiword Expressions in Theory and Practice Aline Villavicencio (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) Valia Kordoni (DFKI, Saarland University) Conventionality ?As I made clear to my mother-in-law we have to make ends meet if we are not to be thrown out of our house. ? ?As I made illuminated to my mother-in- legislation we have to make ends encounter if we are not to be propelled out of our house. ? Multiword Expressions Speakers often use conventional ways for expressing precisely complex ideas ef?ciently and concisely an old wives' tale an idea which a lot of people believed in the past but which we now know is wrong Multiword Expressions Include various complex phenomena Verbal expressions: pay visit, have fun, screw in, turn on Idioms: rock the boat, pay an arm and a leg Terminology: translation-invariance property Noun compounds: bus stop, traf?c light, red wine Fixed phrases: ad hoc, in vitro Multiword Expressions Are of interest to researchers from Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, and Natural Language Processing How do people learn them? How to describe and represent them? How to treat them in language technologies? Multiword Expressions Course Structure Overview of MWEs De?nition and Characterization for CL/NLP Classi?cations, Background and Tasks Multiword Expressions Course Structure MWE Type Identi?cation Candidate Extraction/Generation VPCs in English Compounds in MT Candidate Filtering Candidate Evaluation Tools Multiword Expressions Course Structure MWE Type Identi?cation Justeson and Katz 1995 Baldwin 2005 Ramisch et al. 2008 - 2012 Villavicencio et al. 2007 Zhang et al 2006 Multiword Expressions Course Structure MWE Token Identi?cation Stevenson et al 2003 Compositionality and Interpretation McCarthy 2003 Bannard 2003 Ramisch et al. 2008 Nakov 2010 Multiword Expressions Course Structure Applications Lexicography Greek nominal MWEs Portuguese domain vs general complex predicates for SRL complex predicates for sentiment analysis Hebrew Multiword Expressions Course Structure Applications Parsing Zhang et al. 2006 Seretan 2010 SMT Carpuat and Diab 2010 Ramisch et al. (work in progress) Multiword Expressions Course Structure Practical Exercises for MWE Identi?cation Lecture 1 Multiword Expressions Overview of MWEs Multiword Expressions what are MWEs? why do they matter? what happens if we ignore them? Multiword ExpressionsAccording to Moon (1998) there is no uni?ed phenomenon to describe but rather a complex of

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