Activity - How Big is the Sun- teacher sheet

Activity - How Big is the Sun- teacher sheet

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Chuckran/Hill 2007 How Big is the Sun? – Teacher Sheet Part 1 – Relative Sizes of Sun and Earth Materials List: • Variety of balls/spheres (see below)

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Chuckran/Hill 2007 How Big is the Sun? – Teacher Sheet Part 1 – Relative Sizes of Sun and Earth Materials List: • Variety of balls/spheres (see below) • Metric rulers and meter sticks • Calculators Begin your class discussion with a collection of spheres, the more the better. Choices should include as wide a variety as you can find. Check with a Physical Education teacher who may have some large exercise balls. Your largest ball should be at least as large as a beach ball, but bigger is better. Also include as many of these as possible, as well as others: basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball, golf ball, tennis ball, bouncy ball, marble and possibly even gumballs and other small round candies like Gobstoppers. Display the spheres in a way that the students can see all their choices. The goal is to select two balls that will accurately model the true sizes of the Earth and the Sun. Give the students time to discuss and hypothesize their answers as well as fill in the chart. Before class, you’ll need to calculate the correct answer or answers, for your class. To determine the correct combination for your particular spheres, measure the diameter of your largest sphere. This will be your sun. Take its diameter and divide by 109. That is the number of times that the sun’s diameter is greater than Earth’s diameter. Hopefully you’ll have a smaller sphere that fits close to that number. To give you a sense of how different the sizes are, if you use a normal classroom globe of the Earth, it likely has a

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