Acknowledgement Form Training Requirements

Acknowledgement Form Training Requirements

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Division of Human Resources . Acknowledgement Form . Training Requirements . I have reviewed the Required Training List

Acknowledgement Form Training Requirements free download

Division of Human Resources Acknowledgement Form Training Requirements I have reviewed the Re quired Training List ( urces/hrservices/training/newsupervisortrainingchecklist.pdf ) with my supervisor. I will register for the required classroom session s as soon as possible and complete the required online courses and classroom sessions within the first year of my employment. Employee Signature Date Print name Supervisor Signature Date Print name Supervisor Instructions: Place a copy of this signed form and the checklist (or other customized required training tracking form at) in the employee’s personnel file and update periodically to document completion of re quired courses. Send a copy of this signature page and checklist to your local HR office and use your local reporting syst em to keep them updated on this employee’s progress through the required training. HR Office Staff or Training Coordinator Instructions: Place a copy of this signature page and the training checklist in the employee’s personnel file. To audit compliance with the one-year requirement, monitor using a contact system (or other local reporting system) to make sure that the new employee, supervisor, or manager is scheduled and attends training within one year. Be prepared to report on compliance to the Employee and Management Development (EMD) section. Contact EMD staff at [email protected] if you have any questions or problems with registration, scheduling, or attendance. Form Origin Date: 6-27-06

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