Academia - What Every Junior Faculty Needs to Know: A Quiz

Academia - What Every Junior Faculty Needs to Know: A Quiz

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Academia - What Every Junior Faculty Needs to Know: A Quiz Angela C. C. Wang, MD Most newly minted junior faculty members are unaware of the fundamental

Academia - What Every Junior Faculty Needs to Know: A Quiz free download

Academia - What Every Junior Faculty Needs to Know: A Quiz Angela C. C. Wang, MD Most newly minted junior faculty members are unaware of the fundamental entrepreneurial nature of academics. They take commodities such as salary, space, and time for granted, not realizing that each is a limited resource that must be negotiated. Just as in business, alliances and collaborations facilitate success in an academic institution. I’ve often interviewed fellow applicants who want to go into academics to be clinician-educators. Most of them have spent their careers thus far being taught by clinician-educators, and their concept of an academic career is based on this model. But they usually don’t have a clue as to the economics involved in generating their salaries. In many research-based medical teaching institutions, teaching is a voluntary or highly underpaid activity. Still, the teaching must be done and committees must be filled. It seems a fact of academic life that these responsibilities are usually assigned to junior faculty struggling to establish their careers and salary sources. Junior faculty often assume that they are joining a team of equals and as team-players cheerfully accept whatever division and department chiefs ask them to do. But, for division directors and section chiefs who are struggling to balance budgets and cover service obligations, the long-term success of a junior faculty member is often not an immediate priority. Thus, it is up to the faculty person to ask the right questions. The following quiz was adapted from an email sent to UCSD faculty in April 2005 by the University of California, San Diego, Health Sciences Faculty Rights and Welfare Committee. 1. What is your academic series? In other words, what are the criteria for promotion for your series? For instance, in the

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