Academia: Pharmaceutical Sciences - American Pharmacists

Academia: Pharmaceutical Sciences - American Pharmacists

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1 Academia: Pharmaceutical Sciences Background Academia is an attractive option for pharmacists who enjoy working with students while also having opportunities to

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1 Academia: Pharmaceutical Sciences Background Academia is an attractive option for pharmacists who enjoy working with students while also having opportunities to engage in research. With the increase in the diversity of academic positions, it can no longer be said that an academician’s career is confined to the laboratory or classroom. Three distinct profiles are included in this series: Clinical Practice; Economic, Social, and Administrative Sciences (ESAS); and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Each profile provides information on the similarities and differences in these three academic careers. Pharmaceutical sciences faculty often work with other health care professionals in a consultative capacity or as a consultant for government and industry research endeavors. Therefore, these academicians have an indirect impact on patient care. The “Academia” category may be loosely defined as belonging to a university faculty, usually that of a college of pharmacy. However, pharmacists in this area also hold academic positions in medical, veterinary, dental, and other health care–related educational institutions. Positions may range from the dean of a college of pharmacy to an entry-level teaching/research position. In addition, pharmaceutical sciences faculty have expertise in a variety of areas including but not limited to: anatomy, physical/chemical sciences, pharmacology, toxicology, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, formulation, biological sciences, and pharmaceutics. Duties of pharmaceutical sciences faculty may include administrative activities, scientific research, teaching student pharmacists, supervising research and teaching graduate students, speaking and/or publishing in scientific venues, and teaching student pharmacists through experiential practice sites. In the 2006–2007 academic year, there were 4,340 full-time pharmacy faculty at the nation’s colleges and schools of pharmacy. (Source: . Accessed August 25, 2007.) One respondent from Texas noted that the position “provides the opportunity to make meaningful changes

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