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* Because Pantech took over SK Teletech in July 2005, these companies could be seen as one, Curitel PT-K1500 Good, none None > figure-background


1 A STUDY OF THE EMOTION EXPRESSION TECHNIQUES OF MOTION GRAPHICS: FOCUSING ON BRAND WEB SITES FOR MOBILE PHONES Soyoun Kim¹, Hyunju Lee¹ ¹Dept of Human Environment & Design, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, [email protected] , [email protected] ABSTRACT: In recent product purchase activities, emotional factors a re increasingly affect purchase decisions Accordingly, Korea’s mobile phone brands that used to e mphasize communication quality and function are gradually developing emotional marketing to stimulate the emotions of customers with the visual and auditory elements on their corpor ate websites By means of online questionnaires , this paper showed t hat motion graphics is being used to effectively transmit the emotions on the websites of Korea’s mobile phone brands By means of indepth interviews, the paper also presented expression techniques of motion graphics appropriate for future emotional marketing strategie s by analyzing the visual elements of motion graphics and the expression techniques of emotion images 2 1 INTRODUCTION Recently, consumers have been showing a tendency to make purchase decisions on the basis of emotional evaluations that emphasize emotions and fee lings rather than rational evaluations focusing on the function and quality of the product Accordingly, corporate strategies that used to emphasize capacity differentiation of products have bee n changing to emotional marketing that utilizes emotional factors In the mobile phone market of Korea, where competiti on is fierce, emotional marketing strategies have recently been making headway, and brand sites tha t use various emotion expression techniques based on visual elements as well as audio and motion graphics are being made into a major tool of emotional marketing This paper, there fore, aimed to present emotion expression techniques suitable for emotional marketing through a study of motion graphics in the marketing of mobile phone brands 2 STUDY METHOD AND SAMPLE SELECTION This paper analyzed the three research questions below through a user survey Question 1: Does motion graphics function as an emotio n transmission element among the expression techniques on the mobile phone brand site? Question 2: Does the emotional strategy of the bran d match the emotions felt by the user? Question 3: What expression elements stimulate the em otions of the user? Online survey was used as the method of the study, and t he investigation period was from Nov 3, 2005, to Nov 15, 2005 The survey subjects were 103 f emales and males in their 20~40s, the age group that mainly use the Internet and carry mobi le phones, and because the investigation required that subjects view sample motion graphics and r espond the survey was conducted on a website 3 Figure 1: on line questionnaire page Indepth interviews were carried out from Nov 25, 20 05, to Dec 1, 2005 The interview subjects were graduates of twoyear colleges or universities in the field of design Eight current web designers with over five years of experience in motion graphics production were also interviewed As for the interview method, oneonone interviews we re carried out, during which the websites used for the survey were shown and questions asked, and all the indepth interviews were fully recorded As for the motion graphics samples, the intro animation s on the websites of the mobile phone brand, in which motion graphics was used intensively were selected As for

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35 Value of your PTA - The California State PTA

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Association • Web Wise Kids . Title: Microsoft Word - 35 Value of your PTA.doc Author: Kathryn Cross Created Date: 2/17/2011 1:52:56 PM

Runtime Enforcement of Memory Safety for the C Programming Language

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Abstract Titleofdissertation: Runtime Enforcement of Memory Safety for the C Programming Language MatthewStephenSimpson,DoctorofPhilosphy,2011 Dissertationdirectedby

Erik Sander, Founding Director University of Florida Engineering Innovation Institute

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Erik received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida UF College of Engineering Faculty and Lecturer of Entrepreneurship . Provided consultation to the Central Metallurgical Research and Served for seven years as the President of a university technology 

Regulation of energy balance and carbohydrate/lipid metabolism

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Section IV: Lipid Modulators of Islet Function. Update on Adipocyte Hormones. Regulation of Energy Balance and Carbohydrate/Lipid. Metabolism. Peter J. Havel .. and more numerous adipocytes than women with android fat distribution (124) Dev Cell 3:25–38, 2002. 2. Bluher M, Kahn BB, Kahn 

Powerful Choice Holocaust Middle School Unit - The Education Fund

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ghetto. The site invites children to “move around the street” and “enter” various locations in it. In each of the locations, original exhibits such as video

Stories of Rights: Developing Moral Theory and Teaching Law

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Teaching Law. Patricia A. Cain pollen, and if you open your windows, one may drift in and take root so a seed drifts through and takes root in your living room. Id. at 319-20 n.18; accord J. FLEMING, supra note 31, at 89 Laycock, The Ultimate Unity of Rights and Utilities, 64 TEXAS L. REV. 407 

Department of Physics

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Dr. Subhash Chandra. Dr. L.R. Dangwal. Dr. K.K Physics, Nuclear Geophysics and Material Science. M A Rashid, S Ahmed, Z Hassan, M. Alam, R A . Temporal Dynamics of Radon in Soil And Factors of Impact. Yakovleva 

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PAJAMA PARTY MURDERS PRODUCTION ORDER FORM (Print this page, complete, then fax or mail) Use this form if you are planning a production.

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Los Angeles Rewriting central metabolism for carbon conservation ...

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biorefinery. Most approaches have focused on optimizing naturally occurring pathways to improve titer, productivity, and yield. However, certain inherent hibernation. Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 408, 279–285 (2002). 49. Kelley-loughnane, N. et al. Purification, kinetic studies, and homology model of

Join us for the 3rd Annual Pajama Party

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Daisies, Brownies and Juniors join us for the Girl Scout Pajama Parties! New for 2012-Daisy Party! Come dressed in your pajamas for an evening of fun with your gal pals.