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! 1! A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE SCENE ONE: [it is dusk of an evening in early May…. Much action – TBD. Note: Much action – TBD means that something needs to


!1!A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE SCENE ONE: [it is dusk of an evening in early May?. Much action ? TBD. Note: Much action ? TBD means that something needs to happen here but that it is ?To Be Determined? during rehearsal, so we?re not sure just what it is yet. This is a phrase that will be used throughout this particular script to delineate that action and/or sound, light cues will need to happen, and will be added in as we rehearse. The word ? ?Overall? ? is used generically to sum up the basics of what needs to be where by the end of the stage direction or beginning of lines, etc?. Overall ? Eunice and Woman end up onstage as Stanley enters] Stanley: Hey, there! Stella, Baby! Stella: Don?t holler at me like that. Hi, Mitch. Stanley: Catch! Stella: What? Stanley: Meat! Stella: Stanley! Where are you going? Stanley: Bowling! Stella: Can I come watch? Stanley: Come on. Stella: Be over soon. Hello, Eunice. How are you? Eunice: I?m allright. Tell Steve to get him a poor boy?s sandwich ?cause nothing?s left here. Woman: What was that package he th?ew at ?er? !2! Eunice: You hush, now! Woman: Catch what! (Blanche enters) Eunice: What?s the matter, honey? Are you lost? Blanche: They told me to take a street-car named Desire, and then transfer to one called Cemeteries and ride six blocks and get off at ? Elysian Fields! Euncie: That?s where you are now. Blanche: At Elysian Fields? Eunice: This here is Elysian Fields. Blanche: They mustn?t have ? understood ? what number I wanted? Eunice: What number you lookin? for? Blanche:

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