A Listening-Based Interactive Multimedia Course in Spoken English

A Listening-Based Interactive Multimedia Course in Spoken English

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A Listening-Based. Interactive Multimedia. Course in Spoken English for Young Adults and Adults. Dynamic English has received the highest rating,.

A Listening-Based Interactive Multimedia Course in Spoken English free download

A Listening-Based Interactive Multimedia Course in Spoken English for Young Adults and Adults Dynamic English has received the highest rating, "Exemplary" , from the California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse.New D yn E d Four Challenging Levels Dynamic English Ne w V ?Names & Places * ?Jobs & Family ?Numbers & Time ?Review Exercises * ?Video Interactions * ?Family Schedule ?Matrix Vocabulary ?Likes & Dislikes * ?Review Exercises * ?Video Interactions * ?Daily Activities * ?Our World ?Locations ?Review Exercises * ?Video Interactions * ?Planning Ahead ?Matrix Vocabulary ?Biography ?Review Exercisess * ?Video Interactions * ?On a Trip * ?Energy Sources ?Directions ?Review Exercises * ?Video Interactions * ?Life Experience ?Matrix Vocabulary ?Comparisons ?Review Exercises * ?Video Interactions * ?Life Choices * ?Epidemic ?Space & Time Sequences * ?Review Exercises * ?Video Interactions * ?The Secret Code - A Mystery ?Matrix Vocabulary ?UFOs: For & Against ?Review Exercises * ?Video Interactions * ideo, speech recognition, and a rich variety of comprehension and grammar focus exercises make this award-winning course both engaging and productive. The complete New Dynamic English SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS AND FALSE BEGINNERS AIMED AT MID TO HIGH BEGINNERS APPROPRIATE FOR INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS DESIGNED FOR UPPER-INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED STUDENTS system includes Placement Testing, Mastery Testing, Study Guides, a Records Manager System and a comprehensive Instructor's Manual. *This symbol identifies lessons with DynEd's Speech Recognition. Powerful Speech Recognition exercises and an exciting variety of Video Interactions review key grammar points and useful situational language. Vocabulary development is challenging and fun when combined with interesting content, attractive graphics and high quality sound. MODULE 1 MODULE 3 MODULE 5 MODULE 7MODULE 2 MODULE 4 MODULE 6 MODULE 8 ocusing on language that is practical and

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