6th Grade Student & Family Guide

6th Grade Student & Family Guide

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Back to Basics p.18. Attendance p.19. Skills and Learning Styles p.20. Studying and Homework Tips p.22. Time Management Tips p.25. Balancing Cyber bullying p.42. Sexual Harassment p.43. Student Safety Tips p.45. Internet Safety Tips p.46. Protecting Your Computer p.47. Looking Ahead p.48.

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ALBUQUERQUE PUBLIC SCHOOLS 6th Grade Student& Fa\bily Guide Everything Y\fu Need to Kn\fw F\fr Success in 6th Grade Middle School Compiled by The District Counseling Unit, APS Health & Wellness Department Albuquerque Public  Schools  Sixth  (6 th)  Grade  Student  &  Family  Guide          1 |  Page     SIXTH GRADE STUDENT & FAMILY GUIDE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS There were many Albuquerque Public Schools Professional School Counselors who contributed their time and energy to the Middle School Student and Family Guides We hope that these Guides help students and parents to navigate the middle school years successfully Please contact your school counselor for any concerns you may have in academic, personal/social, or career development Professional School Counselors Iona Barela Debbie Behnfield Donna Cole Thomas Cordova Helen Edmonds Denise Gomez Charlene Lutz Rosario Magallanes Karla Mendoza Bob Monclova Blasa Munoz Rachel OchoaTafoya Robert Szenasi District Counseling Staff Devon Ehardt Laura Owen Bernadette Sanchez Freida Trujillo Valerie Velhagen Albuquerque Public  Schools  Sixth  (6 th)  Grade  Student  &  Family  Guide        2 |  Page   SIXTH GRADE STUDENT & FAMILY GUIDE TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction to 6 th grade p3 Transition to Middle School p4 Questions your Child Might Have p5 The Changes of PreAdolescence p7 Making and Keeping Friends p10 What your Child Will Learn in Their Core Subjects p11 Core Content Standards p12 Standardized Tests p16 New for 20092010: StudentLed Conferences p17 Back to Basics p18 Attendance p19 Skills and Learning Styles p20 Studying and Homework Tips p22 Time Management Tips p25 Balancing Academics and Extracurricular Life p27 Falling Grades and Motivation p28 Free Tutoring and Homework Help p29 What if My Child Is St ill Not Succeeding? p30 Things to BeAware Of p32 Issues That May Arise In Sixth Grade p33 Negative Peer Pressure p33 Alcohol Use p34 Tobacco Use p36 Drug Use p38 Bullying p40 Cyber bullying p42 Sexual Harassment p43 Student Safety Tips p45 Internet Safety Tips p46 Protecting Your Computer p47 Looking Ahead p48 Career/Exploring Options p49 New Mexico Career Clusters p52 Employability Skills p54 Resources p56 Albuquerque Public  Schools  Sixth  (6 th)  Grade  Student  &  Family  Guide        3 |  Page   Introduction to 6 th Grade Starting the 6 th grade is exciting and comes with more expectation and growth This guide has been put togeth er to help inform you and your child about the changes

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