40 Ice Breakers - Training Games | Icebreakers | Team Building Games

40 Ice Breakers - Training Games | Icebreakers | Team Building Games

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inexpensive and a whole lot of fun to play at your next meeting adding participants names and people seek out the autograph of people to which they think the

40 Ice Breakers - Training Games | Icebreakers | Team Building Games free download

Click Here For More Info 40 Ice B reakers and other w arm -ups free from Training -Games.com This collection of Ice Breakers was compiled from various sources. All of these wer e anonymous or had multiple claims of authorship. Some were created by the staff of Training Games, Inc. In any case, they are all provided free with no claims of authorship. MORE FREE STUFF When you purchase any item from www.Training -Games.com you are g iven access to our Members Only page with 100s of PowerPoint Applications, Icebreakers, Team Builder Games and training articles. (SEE WHATS AVAILABLE at http://www.training -games.com/memberson ly.html ) Sign up for our free TGI Newsletter at http://www.training -games.com/mailing_list.html and have FREE PowerPoint Training Games, Icebreakers and Team Builder Games sent to you each month. For Our Customers •Training Games, Inc. has assembled this small list of Ice Breakers as a courtesy to our customers. Our hope is that you will also consider one of our Ice Breaker games available on our site. These are inexpensive and a whole lot of fun to play at your next meeting adding participants names and a level of complexity to create involvement. Three Questions Game •Everyone in the group writes down 3 provoking questions they would like to ask others in the group. Not the normal “w hat’s you name” type questions but something like, "Where is the most interesting place you have ever traveled" or "Name a topic you feel absolutely passionate about". •Give them time to mingle, and to ask three different people in the group one of their t hree questions. •Get back together and have each person stand and give their name. As they say their name, ask the group to tell what they know about this person. The Pocket/Purse Game •Everyone selects one (optionally two) items from

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