2013 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet

2013 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet

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Coupes and power soft top of the Cabriolets let everyone share the sky. Hand-fitted leather and hand-polished wood reflect a heritage of craftsmanship that’s

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2 0 1 \b E - C L A S S COUPE AND CABRIOLET PASSION IS WHAT YOU SEE WHEN BEAUTY IS WHAT YOU FEEL. E 350 Ca\briolet shown a\bove with Mars Red paint, Ash/Dar\f Grey leather, and optional PARKTRONIC and Premium 2 Pac\fage. E 550 Coupe shown at right with Blac\f paint, and optional PARKTRONIC, and Driver Assistance and Premium 2 Pac\fages. It’s possi\ble to rise to notoriety on loo\fs alone. Conversely, success can \be ac\uhieved solely on character — a vir tue otherwise \fnown as inner \beauty. And then there are the 2013 E - Class Coupes and Ca\u\briolets. Your first gaze upon their muscular lines\u, or into their finely crafted four - seat ca\bins, spar\fs an irresisti\ble sense of attr\uaction. But as you grow more intimately engaged, it \becomes clea\ur that what cannot \be seen is even more captivating. Your first drive reveals that the performance legacy \behind the Star in their grille continues una\ba\uted. The sweeping roofline of the Coupes, unencum\be\ured \by a center pillar, seems to widen every horizon. In mere seconds, the soft - top Ca\briolets transform tautly drawn, neatly tailored fa\bric into an un\bridled sense of freedom. And from \behind the wheel of either, every moment reasserts the promise — un written yet clearly declared — inher ent in \being an E - Class. Which means they \bring you driving innovations you might never have seen. And driving passion li\fe you’ve never felt. MBUSA.com/E PRESENCE SOMETIMES COMES FROM WHAT’S ABSENT. The pillarless hardtop design of an E - Class Coupe is more than a style statement. It’s a feat of structural engineering to create the only coupe in it\us class with four retracta\ble side windows that are uninterrupted \by visi\ble framewor\f. On top of that, all four of its shapely \useats offer a \breathta\fing

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