2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

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and Coupes wear wider wheels and tires at the rear axle. They also offer several 18" AMG wheel 1 options, including a two-tone design that’s exclusive to the new

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2 01\b C-CLASS SEDAN AND COUPE O\fERACHIE\fEMENT MIGHT BE AN UNDERSTATEMENT. C 350 Sport Sedan shown a\bove with optional Lunar Blue metallic paint, 18" AMG twin 5 - spo\fe wheels, Panorama roof, PARKTRONIC, and Driver Assistance, Lighting and Multimedia Pac\fages. C 350 Coupe shown at right with Mars Red paint and optional 18" AMG 7- spo\fe wheels, KEYLESS -G O, and Driver Assistance, Lighting and Multimedia Pac\fages. To driving enthusiasts, a car is more than a machine, it’s a statement. One that says to the world, “My car ma\fes me enthusiastic a\bout driving.” Sure, that seems a little\u o\bvious at first. But loo\f into the eyes of someone \behind the wheel of a mere appliance, and i\ut \becomes quite profound. For the drivers who choose a C - Class, what they have in common is wha\ut sets them apart: A sharp eye for recognizing competence, character and charisma while thoroughly rejecting compromise. With the widest array of models, styles and powertrains it’s ever offered, the 2013 C - Class is all a\bout \uchoice. But it never as\fs you to choose \between sophisticated luxury and sporty spirit. Between reassuring safety and refreshing performance. Or \between exciting new technology and enduring quality. And even with all of their underlying virtues, the Sport Sedans, Luxury Sedans and Coupes\u of the Mercedes -Benz C - Class still deliver overtly honest value. It wouldn’t \be an overstatement to say that C - Class drivers follow their own stars. But the truth is, they drive them. Learn more at MBUSA.com/C C 350 Sport Sedan shown a\bove with optional Diamond White metallic paint, 18" AMG 7- spo\fe wheels, Panorama roof, and Driver Assistance, Lighting and Multimedia Pac\fages. C 300 4 matic Luxur y Sedan shown at right with optional Iridium Silver metallic paint, leather upholster y, Panorama roof, PARKTRONIC and

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