18 Assignment #3

18 Assignment #3

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Inside a computer system, integers are represented as a sequence of bits, Some cell phones use a “multi-tap” user interface, in which you tap the 2 That solution requires no recursion and very little thinking There are several different approaches for decomposing this problem and for managing

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Eric Roberts Handout #18 CS106B January 26, 2015 Assignment #3?Recursion Parts of this handout were written by Julie Zelenski and Jerry Cain Due: Wednesday, February 4 YEAH Hours: Wednesday, January 28, 7:009:00PM, Braun Auditorium This week?s assignment consists of four recursive functions to write at varying levels of difficulty Learning to solve problems recursively can be challenging, especially at first We think it?s best to practice in isolation before adding the complexity of integrating recursion into a larger program The recursive solutions to most of these problems are quite short?typically less than a dozen lines each That doesn?t mean you should put this assignment off until the last minute though?recursive solutions can often be formulated in a few concise, elegant lines but the density and complexity that can be packed into such a small amount of code may surprise you The assignment begins with two warmup problems, for which we provide hints and solutions You don?t need to hand in solutions to the warmups We recommend you first try to work through them by yourself If you get stuck, ask for help and/or take a look at our solutions posted on the web site You can also freely discuss the details of the warmup problems (including sharing code) with other students We want everyone to start the problem set with a good grasp on the recursion fundamentals and the warmups are designed to help Once you?re working on the assignment problems, we expect you to do your own original, independent work (but as always, you can ask the course staff if you need a little help) The first few problems after the warmup exercises include some hints about how to get started, the later ones you will need to work out the recursive decomposition for yourself It will take some time and practice to wrap your head around this new way of solving problems, but once you ?grok? it, you?ll be amazed at how delightful and powerful it can be Warmup problem 0a Binary encoding Inside a computer system, integers are represented as a sequence of bits, each of which is a single digit in the binary number system and can

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