1 Dear Teachers, In honor of William Stafford's centennial

1 Dear Teachers, In honor of William Stafford's centennial

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Ooligan has provided sixteen poems and one essay for use in this competition. of the student(s) and staff from left-right. In the publication tentatively titled William Stafford Project and in materials related to its poetry jam, broadsides) Edition: Widescreen Ed. On the third finger of my lef

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1 Dear Teachers, In honor of William Stafford’s centennial birthday, Ooligan Press has organized a statewide writing competition for seventh through twelfthgraders We are launching the competition in October 2012 and will collect submissions throughout the year We aim to publish the students’ work by January of 2014 to coincide with the yearlong celebra tion of William Stafford’s birth We at Ooligan are excited and pleased to be able to provide this opportunity for Oregon students We believe that the beauty, grace, and substance of Stafford’s poetry will speak to the students, and that the opportunity to be pub lished will stimulate them to write William Stafford (1914–1993) was one of the most prolific and important American poets of the last half of the twentieth century Among his many credentials, Stafford served as a consultant in poetry at the Library of Congress, and received the National Book Award for his poetry collection Traveling through the Dark (1963) During his lifetime, Stafford wrote over sixty books of poetry that still resonate with scholars and general readers Stafford’s perspectives on peace, the environment, and education serve as some of the most articulate and engaging dialogues by a modern American writer about three of the most important issues of the second half of the twentieth century (williamstaf fordarchivesorg) Ooligan Press is a teaching press dedicated to the art and craft of publishing Affiliated with Portland State University, the press is staffed by students pursuing master’s degrees in an apprenticeship program under the guidance of a core faculty of publishing professionals We are a general trade publisher rooted in the rich literary tradition of the Pacific Northwest A region widely recog nized for its unique and innovative sensibilities, this small corner of America is one of the most diverse in the United States, comprising urban centers, small towns, and wilderness areas Its residents range from ranchers, loggers, and small business owners to scientists, inventors, and corporate executives From this wealth of culture, Ooligan Press aspires to discover works that reflect the values and attitudes that inspire so many to call the Northwest their home We are looking forward to this project and hope you will join us If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] Sincerely, Ooligan Press 369 Neuberger Hall 724 SW Harrison Street Portland, Oregon 97201 Phone: 5037259748 Fax: 5037253561 http://ooliganpdxedu/poetry/williamstaffordproject/ 2 Packet Contents 1 Lesson plans 2 Poems and essay 3 Permissions/consent for publication form 4 Contact form 5 Mailing Checklist Competition and Submission Requirements Ooligan has provided sixteen poems and one essay for use in this competition Because of the legalities in obtaining poem permissions, we can only publish student work inspired by the sixteen poems and one essay included in this packet We have also provided three teaching plans; however, please feel free to use your own lesson plans or prompts The lesson plans provided correlate directly to the included poems and have been generously provided to us by the William Stafford Archives, Erin Ocón, Stacy Erickson, Robin Scialabba 1 Students must be currently enrolled in seventh through twelfth grade 2 Students must use their own writing 3 Works must be inspired by the poems and/or essay provided 4 Each teacher may send up to ten submissions, but no more than one submission from any individual student 5 Teachers must provide a permissions form, signed by the student and their legal guardian, for each piece of writing 6 Teachers must send in a completed submissions packet (please include all\ students’ work in one packet) to be eligible A checklist is provided with this packet Deadlines There are two deadlines for submission All submissions must be mailed, and must include both a hard copy and a compact disc with the students’ work, to ensure each student has

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